MotioninJoy 0.7.1001 for pc windows

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Use your Playstation 3 controller on your computer
MotioninJoy is a small application that allows you to use the Playstation 3 controller, for lots of users one of the most comfortable of all times, with all the games on your computer.

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The only thing you need for this is a Playstation 3 controller (logically), the cable to recharge it (USB, miniUSB) and this application installed on your computer.

Once the application is installed and the controller is connected to the computer with the USB cable, you only have to follow the tutorial on the official webpage of the program and in a matter of seconds you will be able to use it.

The tutorial, for those who are afraid of complex processes, is as simple as clicking on the drivers tab of the application, selecting those that appear and load them. In a few seconds it will all be ready, apart from some small finishing touches to the taste of the player himself.

Those final touches allow you to configure all the buttons of the controller, the vibration, etc. so that you can use the Playstation 3 controller to your own taste.

MotioninJoy is an almost essential program for any Playstation 3 owner that wants to play occasionally on PC because it allows the use of the same controller the owner is used to, with all the games on his computer. And best of all, the process to do it can be carried out in less than two minutes.

MotioninJoy is a small application which lets you to use Playstation 3 controller on Windows PC. It is one of the easiest and comfortable controller application for most of the peoples. You can easily play and control all PS games on your computer using this awesome set of drivers.

MotioninJoy is completely free to download and use and does not requires any high end prerequisites. You just need a normal USB cable (the cable to recharge it) to connect your Playstation 3 controller once the drivers are installed.

Overall, MotioninJoy DS3 Tool drives your Playstation 3 controller (Sixaxis or Dualshock 3) on the Windows platform for free. The downside is there are some annoying banner ads and the interface is not smooth and is rather cumbersome.

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